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Dancing and Singing Animated Christmas Tree

Dancing and Singing Animated Christmas Tree
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Dancing and Singing Animated Christmas Tree

After you chop down some helpless fir tree that only wants to look majestic and produce oxygen, tie it down on the roof of your car, cram it inside your house, decorate it until you no longer see its branches, and then watch it slowly dry up and die before tossing it into a landfill... does it ever get even close to being as fun, festive, utterly adorable as this cool new Animated Rockin' Robbie Christmas Tree? Unlike a real tree or the typical artificial tree alternatives, this miniature one that's decked out in flashing lights merrily comes to life to sing and dance to the beat of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. Maybe his Santa hat is magic or maybe it's just batteries, but either way, he's sure to provide a little Christmas cheer this holiday season, especially at parties. Check out this video to see him in action!

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