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Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!

Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!

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Surely the entire neighborhood already knows your love of wine as they watch the recycling truck smoke, spark, and struggle to empty your recycle bin filled with heavy empty wine bottles every week. So show them that you have reduced your environmental impact by switching to boxed wine, which typically holds multiple bottles worth in a single lightweight cardboard box package, by placing this cool new Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine proudly on your front lawn this holiday season. This giant inflatable box of wine stands 5 feet tall, automatically inflates when plugged in, has a festive Santa hat hanging off the top, and is also available in Sunset Blush. Unfortunately, you can't refill your glass from this one. Please drink and inflate giant lawn ornaments responsibly.

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Wine Bottle Condoms
Protect your wine and keep it from spilling when you slip one of these cool new Wine Condoms over the end of the bottle.
High Torque Planetary Gears Corkscrew
This hardcore corkscrew uses a 6:1 ratio stainless steel planetary gear system, the same found in automatic transmissions, to generate high torque to yank real and synthetic corks with ease.
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Ullo Wine Purifier - Removes Sulfites and Sediment + Aerates
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Cork Catcher Wall Clock
This cool new Cork Catcher Wall Clock not only keeps track of the hours and minutes of the day, it also collects the vintage year and memories of each and every wine cork that is dropped in after a bottle is opened and enjoyed with friends and family.
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Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
Transform your front lawn into a twinkling winter wonderland when you brilliantly illuminate it with this massive 6.5 foot tall outdoor snowflake containing hundreds of white LED lights.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
This truly massive 18 foot tall inflatable Grinch, based on the iconic design from the 1966 cartoon Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, is dressed up in his Santa Claus suit, holds a Naughty or Nice ornament from his furry long green fingers, and illuminates from within.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
This festive motion-activated animatronic reindeer head comes to life when someone walks by and begins to talk and sing a variety of Christmas songs.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
This miniature inflatable Christmas tree is only 18 inches tall, self-inflates in seconds with a super quiet built-in blower fan, and is battery-powered.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
Forget the ugly Christmas sweaters and just dress up as an entire Christmas tree at your next holiday party with this instant Inflatable Christmas Tree Costume.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
These lustrous yard reindeer and snowman statues have unique, iridescent modern angular designs that compliment their magical internal LED lighting that makes them seem to shimmer and sparkle.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
No matter if you've been extra naughty this year or just not feeling your usual holly and jolly self during this holiday season, perhaps you just need to take a sip from this cool new yet quite ancient Krampus Mug.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
This inconspicuous and stylish holiday sweater is the same one Clark W. Griswold wore while sipping eggnog with Cousin Eddie from those glorious Moose Mugs.
Giant Inflatable Franzia Box of Wine - 5 Feet Tall!
A nearly six foot tall decorative lamppost that not only plays 25 different Christmas carols, it also generates a snowstorm around a festive Christmas tree inside the lantern on top

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