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All-in-One Hot Soup Maker

All-in-One Hot Soup Maker

All-in-One Hot Soup Maker

The hot soup season is slowly rolling in with the cool temperatures of Fall and you can be ready with this cool new Hot Soup Maker. This all-in-one device conveniently chops, blends and simmers gourmet soups without any need for a stove. First, it quickly chops up the ingredients to reduce the amount of prep work like a food processor, then stirs and mixes them together like a blender and then finally cooks the soup just like a slow-cooker. The internal blades chop up and stir finer ingredients, while a stainless steel basket suspends meats and vegetables over them. It features four temperature settings, three chopping speeds and can also be uses for making purees, jams and sauces too. It\'s a great solution for those who want to enjoy the taste of delicious homemade soups without the hassle and also for those who want to ensure that the ingredients used are healthy, hand-picked and as fresh as possible.



  • All-in-one unit automatically preps and cooks delicious, piping-hot soups
  • Rotating blades chop and stir finer ingredients
  • Stainless steel basket suspends meats and vegetables above the blades
  • 4 temperature settings - 3 chopping speeds
  • Also great for purees, jams and sauces
  • Size: 9" W x 9" D x 14.5" H - 8.5 lbs

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