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Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine

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Don't spend your entire time making drinks for everyone at parties, just bring out the cool new Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine to automatically mix up to 48 different, perfectly proportioned cocktails with ease. Before the party, just fill up the four containers on top with liquor (rum, vodka, or tequila), juice, and sour mix and it's ready to go. To make a drink, just walk up to this ingenious appliance, insert your glass and twist the wheel to find your favorite alcoholic concoction on the LCD screen. If you're not sure what you want, just push the "I Feel Lucky" button and it makes a random drink. Finally, select your drink strength, I recommend Strong, press the button and it quickly whips up your drink. It's not quite a friendly futuristic robotic bartender, but it doesn't require a tip either.

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