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Refrigerator Coffee Table

Refrigerator Coffee Table

Refrigerator Coffee Table

When you're bingeing through a new show and don't feel like getting up to hit the fridge for food and drinks, simply reach down to this cool new Refrigerator Coffee Table. This futuristic, multi-function coffee table not only has dual refrigerated drawers with independent cooling controls, it also features two powerful built-in Bluetooth speakers, two USB charging ports, and LED touch-sensitive controls on the tempered glass tabletop. Perfect for keeping plenty of extra rounds of beer, sodas, and sparkling water close to the sofa along with chilled foods, especially for parties or iof you own a tiny house. Hmm, in future versions, I hope they add an induction stovetop to cook food on the top along with wireless charging and an ice maker. Also, if you lose your remote control, it's probably in the fridge.

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  • Multifunction refrigerator coffee table with Bluetooth speakers and usb charging function
  • Independent dual-zone left and right refrigerators
  • Compartments can be shut down individually, and respectively adjust the temperature
  • Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers - 20W x 2
  • Fully Compatible with Televisions, Mobile Phones, Ipads, MP3, etc
  • 2 USB Charging Ports
  • AUX Interface
  • 0.6MM Steel Sheet
  • 4MM Reflective Mirror Black Tempered Glass Panel
  • LED Touch Control
  • Touch Sensitive Buttons and Implement Controls to Adjust the Refrigeration System / Sound System

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