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SnoFling - Snowball Throwing Stick

SnoFling - Snowball Throwing Stick

SnoFling - Snowball Throwing Stick

When you're in the heat of battle during an epic snowball fight, keep your hands from freezing and arms from tiring with the SnoFling - Snowball Throwing Stick. This retro piece of arctic weaponry lets you create snowballs without ever having to crouch down and lets you throw them farther than with your arm alone. Simply jab the stick down into the snow to fill the cup at the end and fling it at your unfortunate target. As an added bonus, you can blow into the end of the handle to sound a horn warning your enemies of an imminent icy annihilation!

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  • Prevents your hands from getting cold and wet
  • Throw snowballs farther than with your arm alone
  • Create soft snowballs without having to crouch down
  • Sturdy high-impact plastic withstands heavy use
  • End of handle features a fun noise-maker

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