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Tryptophan Molecule T-Shirt

Tryptophan Molecule T-Shirt

Tryptophan Molecule T-Shirt

After your Thanksgiving turkey feast, prepare yourself for the traditional couch nap by slipping into something more comfortable like this cool new Tryptophan Molecule T-Shirt. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid found in turkey that has been found to induce drowsiness and is commonly thought to be the chief suspect in causing you to pass out every Thanksgiving. Well, in actuality, Tryptophan is only most effective when taken on an empty stomach without any other amino acids or protein present, so the real culprit of mid-day holiday sleepiness is probably the over-eating, the over-drinking and that overwhelming urge to avoid all the relatives. It's still a funny shirt to wear during the festivities though.

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