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Original Buddha Board - Self-Erasing Zen Canvas

Original Buddha Board - Self-Erasing Zen Canvas

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When everyday stress drags you down or you're bored at the office, pull out this cool new Buddha Board and clear your mind. This unique sketch board lets you practice the Zen concept of living in the moment and helps to calm your spirit.

Simply dip the bamboo brush in water inside the water holder/stand and paint on the special surface. As you paint, your brushstrokes are magically transformed into thick black marks that slowly fade away as the water evaporates on the self-erasing canvas. It's literally a desktop Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate)!

It's perfect for doodling, practicing calligraphy or painting very, very temporary masterpieces. You can use the brush, your fingers or even a spray bottle to create fun, unique effects. So let go and unleash your artistic abilities, whether good or bad, because it's only visible in the present. Great gift idea.

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