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Sunset Modern - Modernist Birdhouse

Sunset Modern - Modernist Birdhouse

Sunset Modern - Modernist Birdhouse

This cool new yet very retro Sunset Modern from designer Douglas Barnhard is a Joseph Eichler-inspired modernist take on a simple birdhouse. This mid-century yet forever modern birdhouse design is handcrafted from bamboo and teak with glossy white and orange laminate and features a floor to ceiling viewing window for bird watchers, a moveable planter box, and has a rooftop planter for growing succulents. It's probably almost as nice or perhaps even nicer than your own home.

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  • Designer: Douglas Barnhard
  • This mid-century modern birdhouse was designed and made for Sunset magazine
  • Eichler inspired birdhouse is made with bamboo and teak, with high end glossy white and orange laminate
  • Floor to ceiling viewing window
  • movable planter box and roof planter for succulents (succulents not included)
  • Size: 14.5" x 9.5" x 7"

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