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Large Break Your Own Geodes Gift Bag

Large Break Your Own Geodes Gift Bag

Large Break Your Own Geodes Gift Bag

This cool new Break Your Own Geodes Gift Bag from Store For Knowledge contains 10 large unopened Moroccan geodes that are approximately 3" in size and perfect for breaking open with a hammer to reveal the sparkling quartz crystals inside the hollow center. They come in a vintage looking burlap sack, include a piece of Madagascar Amethyst with an educational card, and are guaranteed to have inside each geode. To open them, simply place a geode in a sock or in the bag, put on safety glasses just in case, and hit them with a hammer (not included) to break them open. They make a fun gift for budding geologists or rock collectors and are also great for teaching something interesting about rocks and crystal formations in the classroom.

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