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Cocktail Party Plates with Built-In Stemware Holders

Cocktail Party Plates with Built-In Stemware Holders

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You know the type of cocktail parties, where you're standing around and mingling with others and holding a plate of hors d'oeuvres in one hand and a glass of wine or champagne in the other? There's never anywhere to set anything down, so how do you eat? Well, with the cool new Cocktail Party Plates you can now hold both your appetizers and your glass in one hand because these unique plates have a built-in stemware holder. Simply hang your glass in the cut-out slot in the plate when you are ready to take a bite, because you now have a free hand. It's a great idea, but when you're finished, I'm not sure where or how you should set it down. So just stash everything in the host's plants or something, thank them for a wonderful evening and leave quickly!

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