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Reusable Bamboo Party Plates

Reusable Bamboo Party Plates

These cool new Bamboo Party Plates are reusable plates made from sturdy yet lightweight bamboo that feature built-in cupholders that fit cups, cans, and stemware so your guests can eat and mingle single-handedly. Less waste, less spills, and less looking for a drink you set down somewhere to shake hands or give out a hug to someone before being cornered into a fascinating conversation with others about total nonsense.


  • Guests can eat and mingle with ease using this handy bamboo plate
  • Sturdy construction means these reusable plates won't break or bend
  • Made of strong, lightweight bamboo
  • Carved well for food
  • Cup holder for cups, cans, or stemware
  • Optional initial engraving available
  • Size: 8" x 8" x 0.4"

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