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Golden Dinner Trays

Golden Dinner Trays

Golden Dinner Trays

Dinner table? What's a dinner table? We have a dining room? Where? The location of where dinner will be enjoyed keeps moving. In ancient times, people used to sit at tables, then they moved to their favorite spot in front of a television, and now, as of this writing, they just wander off somewhere to eat and be alone their smartphone or tablet. Well they can still eat in a more civilized way upon one of these cool new Golden Dinner Trays. Like a beautiful version of a cafeteria, prison, or TV dinner tray, these mobile food carriers include compartments to keep foods separated and are made from stoneware with a luxurious golden finish. Simple function has finally met its fancy form.

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  • TV food tray with four compartments
  • Stoneware with golden finish
  • Oven safe
  • Hand wash
  • Size: 11.6" W x 7.75" D x 1.3" T

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