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Spinning Exercise Wheel Cat Tree

Spinning Exercise Wheel Cat Tree

Spinning Exercise Wheel Cat Tree

Does your furry feline friend need something better to do than sitting around staring at you all day, cat napping, or scratching up all your furniture? This cool new Spinning Wheel Cat Tree is a multi-level cat tree with a built-in spinning exercise wheel that should satisfy most of their running, scratching, climbing, playing, and napping needs. It features an integrated 20" fitness wheel lined with sisal carpet on the inside and out for a secure grip while running in place (use a laser pointer to train them how to use it), two elevated wooden platforms to jump around and play on, a large hole to climb through, three plush cushions for napping on, and sisal-lined posts for scratching.

Jealous of cats and hamsters having all the fun on exercise wheels? Click Here to learn how to build your very own.

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