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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars

Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars

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Everyone has heard the tales and seen endless pictures of Saint Bernards wearing little wooden barrels filled with brandy on their collars. They were supposedly used by monks to help rescue lost travelers trapped in the Swiss Alps, except only the dogs were used and the miniature barrels were only a legend... until now.

This cool new yet quite old-fashioned inspired Saint Bernard Barrel Collar is a fully-functioning miniature barrel dog collar that's handcrafted from an authentic American White Oak aging barrel and can be filled up with your favorite spirit. The little wearable barrel features a medium toast char on the inside, exterior metal bands in the style of your choice, a removable spigot for dispensing, a polyurethane satin finish, and it's available in two sizes. It's perfect for dressing up your pooch during the holidays, carrying extra booze for severe winter weather walks, or just carrying extra water for them during a long summer stroll.

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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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Saint Bernard Miniature Barrel Dog Collars
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