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Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys - Executive Set

Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys - Executive Set

Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys - Executive Set

As kids, we all saw that advertisement for the Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys in the back of comic books that showed a family of little magical underwater creatures and placed an order immediately. Dreams of ruling over a kingdom of these instant pet mer-people were soon dashed when we realized they were neither people, nor monkeys, but tiny marine micro-crustaceans.

Now that we are adults and a bit less naive, we can finally appreciate the science behind this unique mail-order underwater world and showcase it once again in our offices or cubicles with the cool new Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys - Executive Set. Brine shrimp never looked so good as in this newly decorated black and gold accented tank equipped with a ventilated lid and a mound of gold on the bottom. Like always, this set includes everything you need to hatch, feed and grow them and they are guaranteed to hatch & grow for up to two years.

Who knows, maybe this time will be different. Maybe this time they'll finally evolve! Maybe this time they'll become a true human-worshiping marine species. Maybe this time, they'll try to speak to you... Well, back to work.

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