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Presidential Podium Cat Scratcher

Presidential Podium Cat Scratcher

Presidential Podium Cat Scratcher

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Does your cat have some really good ideas about politics and look good on camera too? Make them leader of the free world behind this cool new Presidential Podium Cat Scratcher. Have your camera ready for when the first feline President steps up to the cardboard podium, scratches at it a little to quiet down the room, engages with the grooming brush disguised as a microphone, utters a few insightful and inspiring meows and mews, and then suddenly freezes, goes all wild-eyed, and proceeds to try and shred the entire podium in an out of control, catnip-fueled rage. Hmm, at this point, I might actually vote for a cat. I'm not sure if anything would improve with a cat running things, but it would definitely be more entertaining.

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