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Bacon Scented Flying Disc For Dogs

Bacon Scented Flying Disc For Dogs

Bacon Scented Flying Disc For Dogs

Be extra careful when you toss this cool new Bacon Scented Flying Disc into the air, because its irresistible mouth-watering bacon scent may attract every single bacon-loving dog and man around to come running on all fours. This fun flying disc for dogs is made from a durable thermoplastic rubber that's infused with a strong bacon scent and is easy on their teeth. It also makes a fun frisbee gift for bacon loving humans who need to get outside and run around too.

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  • Bacon scented flying disc that's gentle on dog's teeth
  • The rubber frisbee is infused with a tantalizing bacon aroma to pique your dog's interest
  • Size: 9.75" Diameter x 1" H

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