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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase

Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase

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The cool new Fia Carafe from designer Nina Jobs is a handmade glass beverage carafe, wine decanter and decorative vase all-in-one. It features a crystal ball that either sits on top as a lid or can be placed in the nook underneath for a unique visual effect.

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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase
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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase
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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase
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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase
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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase
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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase
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Fia - Carafe, Wine Decanter and Vase
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