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Massive Mechanical Corkscrew and Wine-Pouring Machine

Massive Mechanical Corkscrew and Wine-Pouring Machine

Massive Mechanical Corkscrew and Wine-Pouring Machine

If you're a bit of a wealthy eccentric who loves wine, overly elaborate contraptions, and impractical yet functional sculptural works of art, then perhaps this cool new The Corkscrew from mechanical sculptor, automata maker, and inventor Robb Higgs may interest you? While a simple corkscrew can remove a cork efficiently from a wine bottle in mere seconds, this massive mechanical marvel can uncork it in.... well, it's not quick, but it does pour the bottle of wine for you at then end, all while entertaining with a stunning performance of complex over-engineering spectacle.

Like something out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Rube Goldberg's mind, or some steampunk fantasy, this amazing machine stands 8 feet tall, weighs half a ton, and is handcrafted from 300 precision moving parts all cast and machined from solid bronze castings of items found in scrapheaps, ship yards, farms, and more. Just place a bottle of your favorite wine in it's grip, place a wine glass on the stand, and turn the giant hand crank to engage the gears, levers, springs, and chains that all work to slowly lower a corkscrew down onto the bottle to pull out the cork. When the bell dings, a blacksmith's hammer falls to lock the handle, and it begins to pour a single glass before returning the bottle back to an upright position. I'm not quite sure what happens if you want to pour another glass though.

As far as unique corkscrews go, this ultra luxurious one is sure to spark up an interesting conversation or two at dinner parties and definitely won't wander off and disappear when you need one. Check out the video demonstration below to see it all in action. Cool huh?

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  • Apparatus preferred by one seeking an eccentric approach to pouring a glass of wine
  • Stands 8' tall
  • Engineered from 300 precision moving parts
  • Half ton of cast and machined solid bronze castings of hundreds of pieces of ancient iron sourced from scrap yards, ships, farms, beaches, and more
  • Turning a hand crank engages a set of gears, chains, and levers that lower a corkscrew into a bottle's cork
  • The ding of a bell and a blacksmith's hammer swings down to lock off the handle and initiate the pouring sequence
  • Giant clock spring and an Elizabethan cannonball wound up by the uncorking cycle release to raise and tilt the bottle into a horizontal position
  • Rate of pour is marshalled by a spinning, weighted governor made from old steam engine spanners
  • Bottle is lowered back into a vertical position
  • Each contraption is a unique construction
  • Size: 8' H x 5' W x 2' D - 1,102 lbs

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