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Handmade Leather Football Bota Wineskin

Handmade Leather Football Bota Wineskin

Take your love of wine and football on the go, when you transport this cool new Handmade Leather Football Bota Wineskin to tailgating parties, cookouts, camping, and more. This unique premium leather bota wineskin is shaped like a football, complete with cloth stitching, and is handcrafted in the mountain town of Sigüenza, Spain using a thorough 40 step process. It features an interior made from easy-care latex that can hold up to 3 liters of wine, water, or other assorted beverages and has a detachable leather carrying strap in case you want to play catch - hmm, yeah I wouldn't don't do that. When full and the strap is removed, it also makes a perfectly discreet flask disguised as sporting goods.


  • Designer: Jesus Blasco
  • Premium leather bota wineskin from Spain fashioned in shape of a football
  • Exterior is premium steer leather
  • Easy-care latex interior
  • Holds wine, water or any liquid
  • Handmade - 40 step process
  • Detachable strap
  • When the leather strap is removed the wineskin looks just like a football, down to the cloth stitching
  • Size - 3 liters
  • Perfect for tailgates, cookouts or camping trips
  • Handmade in the mountain town of Sigüenza, Spain

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