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Moonshiner - Liquor Dispensing Robot Sculpture

Moonshiner - Liquor Dispensing Robot Sculpture

Moonshiner - Liquor Dispensing Robot Sculpture

As the robots slowly begin to take over everything, it's nice to know that they will at least be pouring drinks during the transition. This cool new Moonshiner from artist Fred Conlon is a liquor dispensing robot sculpture handcrafted from recycled / reclaimed scrap metal, wrenches, and valves. It can wield up to two inverted liquor or wine bottles on its back that are connected to two valve-operated stainless steel dispensers. If you look closely, you'll spot a hidden flask acting as a backpack and a built-in shot glass holding ring on the front. It makes a cool gift for any thirsty, robot-loving friend or display it proudly on your own home bar... at least until the nightmarish robot uprising begins.

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  • Artist: Fred Conlon
  • Liquor dispensing robot sculpture handcrafted from reclaimed/recycled scrap materials, wrenches, and valves
  • Two valve-operated dispensers for liquor or bottles
  • Built-in shot glass holder
  • Decorative flask backpack
  • Plumbing components (valves and stems) are made of brass and stainless steel
  • Materials: brass, stainless steel, steel, powder coat finish
  • Handmade in Utah
  • Size: 24" T x 118" W x 18" D

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