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UberArc 3200-Piece Skyscraper Construction Set

UberArc 3200-Piece Skyscraper Construction Set

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When I used to make Lego skyscrapers as a kid, they would usually topple around 5 feet or so, but now the lucky kids of today can reach all new heights with the cool new UberArc 3200-Piece Skyscraper Construction Set. This is a complete 3,200 interlocking piece professional construction kit for young and old architects, engineers, students and anyone else that loves to build stuff. Not only can you and your kids construct a massive 7' 10" skyscraper from real included blueprints, it also provides 8 foundation plans to show you how to create load-bearing walls, curves, arches and more so you can learn to contruct bridges and other buildings too. Your imagination is your only limit when you decide to fill up your living room with your own little snap-together civilizations.

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