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Bank Job Pen

Bank Job Pen

Bank Job Pen

I'm going to make a confession. I'm an pen thief. Whenever someone lets me borrow a pen or I see one lying around unguarded, I snag it forever and vanish quickly into the night, cackling under my breath. There is one pen however, that is proving elusive, even to an exceptional pen thieve like myself. The legendary Courtesy Bank Pen!

I've always been tempted to plan the perfect heist and sneak in and steal one of those rare courtesy bank pens, but the banks have added an extra layer of security and attached them to ball chains. Sure, I could shrug off this feeble attempt to thwart my plans and go for it or I could simply just buy one of these cool new Bank Job Pens and avoid the risk.

This pen is a near perfect replica of the bank's courtesy pen, complete with the ball chain still dangling off the end. It's a funny gag gift and sure beats explaining to the other prisoners what I'm in the slammer for!

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