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The Ex - Voodoo Doll Pen Holder

The Ex - Voodoo Doll Pen Holder

The Ex - Voodoo Doll Pen Holder

If you've had an office romance gone bad, are tired of losing pens or maybe both, then keep your pens where they belong and stick them in this cool new voodoo doll effigy for the office called The Ex - Voodoo Doll Pen Holder. This curse inducing desktop organizer by designer Raffaele Iannello holds 6 refillable aluminum pens stabbed through a ABS plastic voodoo doll and includes indented spaces on the base to hold paper clips, rubber bands and other assorted small office supplies. It doesn't even need to signify a former lover. Just write down "Boss" or a fellow co-worker's name on a sticky note, stick it on the doll's head and you'll be sending a clear message or possibly crippling them through the power of ancient magic sorcery!

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