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Million Dollar Pallet of Money Table

Million Dollar Pallet of Money Table

Million Dollar Pallet of Money Table

Do you wish that you had 10,000 crisp, brand new $100 bills all stacked neatly in the shape of a giant cube that could be used like a table, a million dollar table? Well, it turns out that you can spend much, much, much less than that for a similar, albeit much, much, much less valuable experience with this cool new Million Dollar Pallet of Money Table. While it may look like a huge stack of Benjamins at first glance, it's actually just a handmade wooden table with a highly realistic laminated vinyl print of a pallet of hundreds covering the outside. It's hollow inside, so it might be the ideal "in plain sight" hiding spot for actual stacks of cash and makes the perfect table for a man cave, bank, bar/lounge, mansion, supervillain lair waiting room, or just leave it outside somewhere to cause chaos. I guess in a pinch, if you owed a million bucks to someone, you might be able to temporarily fool them with this table while you make a fast getaway, but results may vary. Handmade in the USA.

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