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Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack

Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack

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Why spend a ton of money on overpriced stale herbs from the grocery store when you can simply grow and dry your own at home? This cool new Stack!t is a hanging herb and flower drying rack with a breathable mesh enclosure that promotes maximum air circulation for quick and even drying - no electricity needed. Just hang it up in an area with good airflow and indirect sunlight, snip your favorite fresh herbs and/or flowers, and place them on the six drying racks. It features u-shaped zippered openings for easy access, strong wire frames, and it all collapses flat for space-saving storage in the included zippered case. Perfect for grinding up and jarring herbs at peak flavor or drying flowers for sachets, herbal teas, and other dried arrangements. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Self-Watering Smart Planter
Smart planter automatically monitors soil moisture and waters it for you making plant care easy - no more over or under-watering.
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A sleek, state-of-the-art planter that lets anyone successfully grow healthy herbs, vegetables or plants indoors without the hassle.
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Raining Water Fountain and Planter
It combines an illuminated falling rain style outdoor water fountain with a decorative planter on top to add plants or flowers.
Roman Colosseum Planter
When I think of the Roman Colosseum, I will always think of epic bloody battles, gladiators, chariots and now plants. Plants? Yep, because as far cool planters go, the Colosseum Planter is probably one of the coolest. It could also do double-duty as a big nut or candy bowl too.
Metal Raised Garden Bed Planters
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Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
A double-take inducing three-piece ceramic salt, pepper, and oil dispensing set that makes it seem as if old mythical Nessie from Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands is swimming along the surface of your kitchen counter or dining table.
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
To use, just drop one halit salt rock crystal per one liter of water as you set to boil and then cook your noodles to tasty perfection.
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
Not only only did they add the glorious pumpkin spices of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice to roasted hulled pumpkin seeds, they also treated the pumpkin seeds to a butter-sugar toffee glaze. If I had a pumpkin for a head right now, it would probably explode.
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
Stylish double-walled glass sugar dispenser.
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
Innovative twin-chambered grinder that fuses a salt and pepper mill into one stylish unit!
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
No matter whether it's Spring, Easter, Wabbit Season, or anytime else, fresh ground pepper will be much more fun to grind from this whimsical Bunny Pepper Mill.
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
A huge wooden salt and pepper grinder in the shape of a retro space age rocket ship.
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
These spice grinders are filled with some of the hottest dried chili peppers in the world: Carolina Reaper, Bhutlah, Green Ghost, and Smoked Ghost.
Stack!t - Collapsible Herb and Flower Drying Rack
This organic pumpkin spice food spray is perfect for adding that wonderfully aromatic and tasty autumn spice to everything from breakfast items such as pancakes, toast, and oatmeal to baked goods like muffins, rolls, and cakes to everything in between like sandwiches, pasta dishes, coffee, or just spraying it directly into your mouth for the full pumpkin spice flavor experience.

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