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Terminator Head Bottle Opener

Terminator Head Bottle Opener

Terminator Head Bottle Opener

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In the near future, after Judgment Day, the surviving humans will most likely open any remaining beer bottles they find on the robotic skulls of the T-800 Terminators they are lucky enough to destroy. Today, before the rise of the machines, one of these skulls was sent back in time by the leader of the Resistance, John Connor, to help us prepare for this Future War, know the face of the enemy, and crack open a few cold ones to enjoy before Skynet takes over. This cool new and quite futuristic T-800 Terminator Head Bottle Opener from Nemesis Now is an officially licensed, wall-mountable Terminator head with a handy bottle opener beneath it's chin. Since the metallic hyperalloys used in the construction of T-800 Terminators has yet to be invented, this head is made from the finest hand-painted polyresin instead, which is not to be confused with mimetic polyalloy. Makes a great gift for beer loving Terminator fans, biker dive bars, and anyone named John Connor.

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