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Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses

Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses

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Make your boring old houseplant a bit more fun by adding one of these cool new Plant Houses. This DIY construction kit includes everything you need to build a whimsical miniature treehouse for just about any houseplant - no need to scrounge around the neighborhood looking for scrap lumber and nails. The little treehouse pieces are made from super lightweight balsa wood and a step-by-step building manual, a rope ladder, a panel door, and glue to hold it all together are also included. It makes a fun gift or just gather the kids around and say you want to help them build a treehouse.

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This ball of yarn actually glows in the dark after being exposed to bright light. It's perfect for knitting glowing sweaters, hats, toys, and so much more.
Lehman's Stainless Steel Apple Cider Press
This Autumn, after going apple picking (pick a few bushels), grind and press them into tasty apple cider (a lot of it) with this stainless steel cider press.
Paper Log Maker - Make Briquettes From Newspaper, Shredded Paper, and Bits of Cardboard
This heavy duty steel press is designed to turn old newspapers, shredded paper and mailings, and bits of cardboard into burnable briquettes with ease.
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Artful Winemaker - Wine Making System
Includes everything you need to handcraft 12 signature bottles of wine in just 28 days!
Make Your Own Ancient Mead Kit
Brew up and imbibe the oldest known fermented beverage in history with this cool new yet quite ancient-inspired Craft A Brew - Mead Making Kit.
Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit
Make and experience pure, decadent chocolate the way ancient Mayans and Aztecs used to create it 3000 years ago!
Chef'n Buttercup - Homemade Butter Maker
Make tasty gourmet homemade butters in no time.
Realistic Silicone Tree Bark Sheets
These ultra-realistic, soft silicone sheets of textured tree bark are perfect for pipes, poles, walls, displays, props, sets, arts and crafts, and so much more.

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Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
Disguised as a giant orange carrot, this whimsical self-watering planter spike lets you know when it needs a refill based on the height of the leaves on top.
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
A self-watering 8-pocket herb, flower and strawberry planter that can be stacked up to three high with an optional extension kit
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
Maintain your home's curb appeal and actually enjoy the trek to the mailbox when you replace your old eyesore of a mail post with this stunning one.
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
Slip these over vegetables and fruits as they're growing to mold them over time into fun star and heart shapes come harvest.
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
Add a bit of glowing ambiance in the evenings to your home's outdoor decor with this translucent white planter that illuminates in 16 different bright colors.
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
This stunning, two-piece glass planter from LSA International is inspired by the Eden Project biospheres in Cornwall, England.
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
Pair complimentary blooms side by side in a minimalist glass vase that places each at an angle for best viewing.
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
Conceal fences, walls, and railings with lush, natural looking faux greenery.
Plant Houses - Miniature Houseplant Treehouses
A scaled down statuesque replica of the ancient and mysterious bald stone Moai head monoliths found along the Easter Island coastline that also has a fun planter... More

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