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Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer

Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer

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Beat the sweltering heat this Summer with this cool new Orbit Flex Cobra Mist Stand. This personal flexible cooling mist sprayer produces a refreshing, ultra fine evaporative mist from three misting nozzles to help lower ambient temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Just screw it onto a standard 3/4 inch outdoor garden hose, shape the flexible tube into position, turn on the water, and enjoy the evaporative cooling relief without getting soaked. Perfect for cooling down patios, poolside, backyard BBQs, pets, chicken coops, and much more or you can even use it for watering plants around your home or in a greenhouse as well. A great way to get some relief from Summer's heat and humidity, but if you're afraid of snakes, it might make you nervous.

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Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
A nearly seven foot tall inflatable monster for your yard that sprays water from its mouth for either running through while screaming and laughing wildly on a hot summer day or as a whimsical alternative to the boring old, stuttering lawn sprinkler.
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
If you'd like to hang a bird feeder from the tree, but want something decorative that blends in nicely, check out this cool new Maple Leaf Hanging Bird Feeder.
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
Do you really need a monstrous, gas-powered chainsaw? This miniature battery-powered chainsaw is the perfect size for cutting branches and small logs.
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
Prevents outdoor extension cords from accidentally disconnecting from each other and ensures a safe and dry water-tight connection all-season long!
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
This space-saving elevated garden planter is the perfect size for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers right on your patio and is also at the perfect waist-high working height as well - no bending or kneeling, zero weeds, and fewer pests as well.
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
Strong, hemispherical structures comprised of triangular sections made from galvanized steel tubing that are perfect for protecting backyard chickens, birds, pets, and other animals or are versatile enough to become a butterfly enclosure, garden trellis, pool / hot tub / koi pond cover, storage shelter, and more.
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
Step aside garden gnomes, fashionable cement geese, that blue gazing ball thing, and plastic pink flamingos, because this cool new Crashed Flying Saucer Statue not only gives your neighborhood an out-of-this world close encounter, it also ups the bar on lawn ornament ridiculousness.
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
An outdoor solar-powered light disguised as a sculptural cattail that's perfect for illuminating walkways, gardens, or home landscaping.
Orbit Flex Cobra - Personal Flexible Cooling Mist Sprayer
This Elevated Corten Steel Raised Garden Bed not only has literal rustic charm and brawny good looks, its height is also much more comfortable to tend to.

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