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Winesceptre - Wine Chilling System

Winesceptre - Wine Chilling System

The Winesceptre - Wine Chilling System is an innovative and elegant solution to keep pre-chilled wines at the perfect serving temperature. Simply keep the stainless steel Winesceptre in the freezer until needed and insert into the bottle and pour to chill the wine. In addition to maintaining serving temperatures, the Winesceptre also aerates the wine as it pours from the dripless spout and can seal and preserve an open wine bottle. It comes in a satin-lined gift box and makes a great gift for all wine lovers.


  • Keep pre-chilled wines at the perfect serving temperature while the wine is still in the bottle
  • Invented by a European Chef and recommended by top French Sommeliers
  • Aerates the wine as it pours from the dripless spout
  • Crafted from the highest grade of stainless steel
  • Guaranteed to maintain serving temperature over long periods of time
  • Seal open wine bottle by twisting the elegant opener
  • Three different 'O'-rings allow it to be inserted in a wide range of different size wine or champagne bottles
  • Store Winesceptre in freezer
  • Beautifully presented in satin-lined gift box
  • Size: 13" H

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