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Pepsi Shiso from Japan

Pepsi Shiso from Japan

Pepsi Shiso from Japan

Whenever I see a weird new soda flavor, I always have to try it. Well, Pepsi in Japan has been releasing extremely weird new limited edition flavors like Ice Cucumber, Blue Hawaii and White Yogurt. Well, this summer they are releasing their strangest flavor yet, Pepsi Shiso!

Yeah I was confused too, so after some very, very limited research, I discovered that shiso is a Japanese herb that is something like a cross between basil and mint. So basically this is a crazy basil flavored herbal cola, it's 100% sugar free and best of all, you don't need to travel clear across the globe to get it, because is now taking preorders for everyone! Pepsi Shiso will be unleashed June 23, 2009 for a limited time only for those who thirst for strange or just need to add a bottle of it to their collection.

Has anyone out there tried Pepsi Ice Cucumber from Japan? Let us know in the Comments if you have or just let us know what the weirdest soda flavor you've ever had was.

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  • Pepsi Limited Summer Edition Flavor 2009
  • 100% sugar free and is enhanced with healthy shiso essence
  • Shipped in protective bubble wrapping and enclosed inside a plastic bag for extra protection

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