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Pepper Corer and Pepper Grill Rack Set

Pepper Corer and Pepper Grill Rack Set

Pepper Corer and Pepper Grill Rack Set

I love Jalapeno Poppers, but I typically find coring out hot peppers to be a real chore. The pepper juice gets all over my hands, won't wash off without an extended effort and I always end up rubbing my eyes accidentally. The cool new Pepper Corer and Pepper Grill Rack Set by Steven Raichlen is the perfect solution for making jalapeno poppers quickly, easily and painlessly.

To core out jalapenos and other flaming hot chili peppers, simply chop off the end of the pepper, grab the included pepper corer, insert it and give it a few twists. In no time, it slices and separates the core and seeds from the pepper and yanks it all out without a mess. After the peppers have been cored, just insert them into the stainless steel pepper rack (it holds 18 peppers!) and fill them up with cheese. Now place the whole rack right on the grill and roast them up into delicious spicy appetizers.

I just want the handy pepper corer, the grill rack is a nice bonus.

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  • Easily prep and roast chiles for quick and delicious appetizers
  • Chilie pepper grill rack holds 18 peppers
  • Stainless steel rack is dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash corer
  • Size: 2" x 4.75" x 10"

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