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Ghostbusters Firehouse Sign Replica - Double-Sided and Illuminated

Ghostbusters Firehouse Sign Replica - Double-Sided and Illuminated

"You don't think it's too subtle, Marty? You don't think people are going to drive down and not see the sign?" - Dr. Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters)

No matter whether you're decorating a home theater, a Halloween haunted house, or just starting up a new paranormal elimination service in a condemned firehouse downtown, you might want to hang up this iconic Ghostbusters Firehouse Sign Replica. You know exactly who they're gonna call when you display this life-sized, double-sided, and illuminated replica of the famous sign hanging off the front of the official Ghostbusters Headquarters in New York City. It measures in at a monstrous 32" T x 32" and includes mounting brackets to either hang on the wall like a Haunted Vigo the Carpathian Replica Painting or suspended from a suitable bracket, for a more authentic look. Unfortunately, the firehouse, Ecto-1, and Proton Packs are not included, but Slimer may still appear.


  • Here at last, is your chance to own your very own Double-Sided Ghostbusters Firehouse sign!
  • Double sided and features internal illumination
  • Can be hung flat on a wall like a picture, or suspended from a suitable bracket so it can be viewed from both sides
  • Light up sign for your home, office, or firehouse!
  • Limited to just 150 pieces Worldwide
  • Size: 32" T x 32" W

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