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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow

Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow

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Have you ever heard of a Pallas' Cat before? A Pallas' Cat AKA Manul is an extra furry, housecat-sized chonky wildcat living in the cold rocky, high elevation plains of Central Asia that was named after the Prussian zoologist Peter Simon Pallas. It's also one of the oldest and grumpiest species of cats in the world, one of the super cutest, and, unfortunately, quite endangered. While these very solitary felines don't do well in captivity like their domesticated pampered cat relatives seem to, you can still bring a version of one of them home to give you the same unimpressed look from their unique round-pupil eyes with this highly realistic Pallas' Cat 3D Cat Cushion from Felissimo. It even includes a big fluffy tail. It makes the perfect gift for cat lovers, kids, grumpy people, or anyone who wants a cool cat minus all the biting, hissing, and general destruction. Check out the video below to see one in action.

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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
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Pallas' Cat 3D Wildcat Pillow
The cool new nutritional condiments allow picky eaters, older dogs, and regular dogs to once again enjoy their boring dry food while also being supplemented with a healthy portion of vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, omega 3, 6 and 9, and prebiotic.

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