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USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock

The original Pet Rock fad from the '70s may have faded away (they should still be alive though), but now in the 21st century, ordinary rocks have been genetically mutated and crossbred with the latest technology to create the ultimate compatible stone, the USB Pet Rock. When your rock arrives in its well, ventilated box, just remove, hug, and attach its built-in umbilical USB cable to your PC or Mac... and, well, that's it! It doesn't actually do anything! Cool huh?

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  • Pet Rock Plugs in with USB and gives you love!
  • No feed or care needed
  • Greenest USB products ever created - draw absolutely no electricity.
  • Compatible with any OS including Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Each rock is unique (Please allow for natural variations in your USB Pet Rock)
  • Includes 18" long USB cable
  • Size: approx. 4" x 4" x 3"

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