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Doggles - Stylish Protective Eyewear for Dogs

Doggles - Stylish Protective Eyewear for Dogs

Doggles - Stylish Protective Eyewear for Dogs

The cool new Doggles are real stylish protective eyewear for dogs. Not only are they funny, the anti-fog, shatterproof lenses also offer 100% UV protection from the sun and protection from wind, bugs and debris, if your dog likes riding in the car with his head out the window. They won't fall off either, because they are securely worn with adjustable head and chin straps and feature foam cushioned frames. They come in various styles, from sunglasses to goggles, and will let you and your best friend look cool together.

Doggles look even better when your dog is wearing a cool Hawaiian Shirt For Dogs!

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  • Doggles will keep out wind and debris
  • All Doggles come with a carrying case
  • Protection and prevention are the key to your dog's healthy eyes!
  • Doggles provides 100% UV Protection
  • Doggles feature anti-fog, shatterproof lenses
  • Doggles feature adjustable head and chin straps
  • Doggles feature a foam cushioned frame
  • Doggles are stylish and fun

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