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PAWZ Safespot Locking Dog Leash

PAWZ Safespot Locking Dog Leash

PAWZ Safespot Locking Dog Leash

At some point while taking your dog for a walk, you may need to run indoors for a couple of minutes to grab a coffee, mail a letter, use a bathroom, or something and they won't let your dog inside. So instead of just tying up your furry best friend and hoping he doesnt get loose or dog-napped by thieves, use this cool new PAWZ Safespot Locking Leash instead. This innovative dog leash securely locks your dog up to an immovable object like a rack or street light just like a bike lock. It features a fully adjustable collar, lead with a steel-cabled core, and key locks on the collar and ergonomic handle that adjusts to wrap around an object. A great peace-of-mind solution.

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  • When you need to leave your dog to run indoors, securely lock your pet to an immovable object
  • Fully adjustable collar and lead with a steel-cabled core
  • Can be used as a daily walking leash without the lock feature
  • Provides disincentive to theft and peace of mind to the owner
  • Ergonomic design fits any-size hands

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