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Illuminated LED Balloon String Lights

Illuminated LED Balloon String Lights

Illuminated LED Balloon String Lights

These cool new Balloon Bling LED String Lights is a strand of 10 real balloons that illuminate from within via LEDS with multiple lighting modes, including flashing. The balloons don't even need to be tied off because they stay airtight when the LED light is inserted and are powered by batteries. These fun and festive string lights are perfect for birthdays, events, and parties of all kinds. Hmm, if you fill them with helium and send them off into the sky at night, you just might trigger a UFO spotting.

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  • This string light strand features lights that illuminate inside real balloons for a fun and festive effect
  • Add bright, bling flare to your next event with this unique balloon string
  • This kit includes 10 latex balloons and 10 LED lights and stretches to 13 feet
  • The lights have multiple modes (including flashing)
  • Air stays locked in so there is no need to tie off the balloons
  • Size: 13' L

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