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8 Hour Emergency Power Failure Lights

8 Hour Emergency Power Failure Lights

8 Hour Emergency Power Failure Lights

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How come commercial buildings have emergency lighting that kicks in during power failures and blackouts, but homes typically do not? Well, with the cool new 8 Hour Emergency Power Failure Lights you'll never have to stumble around looking for a flashlight in the dark again.

These unique emergency lighting devices fit right in between the light socket and the bulb of most standard table and floor lamps. During power failures, they automatically activate to provide up to 8 hours of illumination from six super bright LED lights. When the power is finally restored the built-in rechargeable batteries automatically recharge and will never need replacement.

It would probably be a smart idea to pick up a few of these to install in lamps around the house. They sure beat running a noisy and expensive generator all night and I'm not afraid of the dark or anything, but fumbling around in a pitch black house in the middle of the night during a violent thunderstorm is just too damn creepy. Also, can anyone out there tell me why homes don't have urinals and automatic sensory bathroom plumbing by now too? I mean come on already.

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