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Cardboard Retro Rocket Ship for Space Cats

Cardboard Retro Rocket Ship for Space Cats

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The age old question of "Why are we here?" has finally been answered. Alien space cats have secretly been guiding the human race through untold centuries of evolution, tool-making, and learning of advanced technologies just so we could build them little rocket ships to help them escape their Earth prison, return to their sandy, litter box-like desert home planet Furrion, and reconquer it from those who exiled them here as prisoners millions of years ago. Yep, we're just servants and tools for prisoner space cats trying to break out.

So now that you know the truth about cats, this cool new yet quite space age-inspired Rockat is one of the space cats' latest human-designed rocket ship prototypes that's made from strong, recycled cardboard so it can hide right in plain sight during development and testing. Unfortunately, the space cats decided that it was more fun to scratch on, nap in, and plan devastating, catnip-fueled pounce attacks from, so progress has been set back once again for them.

Will the space cats ever succeed and escape from their Earth prison? Will we ever learn who defeated and ordered them here as space cat prisoners millions of years ago? Are you still reading any of this or have you already clicked through and bought this whimsical cardboard cat playhouse shaped like a retro rocket ship for your lazy, pampered cat from outer space? πŸ˜ΌπŸ›Έ

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