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AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump

AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump

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The cool new AeroBed Pakmat let's you take a portable inflatable airbed with you just about anywhere. Whether you're out camping, visiting friends and family or just in an emergency situation, bring along this lightweight air mattress that stores compactly and easily inside its own pump. It quickly inflates in about 60 seconds using a simple pumping motion, no batteries or other external power source required. Once inflated, its 5" inflated height provides the feel and comfort of a larger airbed and internal horizontal channel bed construction provides comfort and total body support. It's made from 100% eco-friendly phthalate-free materials and can withstand extreme temperatures. Keep one in your backpack, closet and car and you'll never be without a great night's sleep, anywhere.

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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
This is the world's first portable punching bag that quickly straps to a tree trunk or strong pillar with ease so you can train anytime, anywhere you wish.
Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug
Hot rod style travel mug with chrome touches, analog gauge and plugs into your car's 12v power port to keep your coffee warm!
Ostrich Pillow Mini
Unlike the original Ostrich Pillow that you wear over your head, the cool new {LINK}Ostrich Pillow Mini{/LINK} is a compact, lightweight, and super portable travel pillow that you can wear on your hand, elbow or forearm for power napping wherever you might be.
Head Case - In-Your-Face Luggage Covers
When you wrap up your suitcase in one of these personalized in-your-face luggage covers, you'll have ZERO problems trying to recognize it as it comes around the baggage carousel at the airport.
FlexSafe - Portable Travel Safe
This heavy duty portable travel safe quickly secures to any fixed object with a bar or pole and features ultra slash-resistant, water-resistant, and RFID blocking fabric, an internally locking flap with a re-programmable lock, and an internal zipper pouch and easy access mesh pockets.
Traveler's Bed Bug Thwarting Sleeping Cocoon
Portable sleeping cocoon made from specially woven fabric that is impervious to bed bugs.
Portable Roll-Up Picnic Table
This portable wooden picnic table has a weather-resistant slatted top surface that easily rolls up and stows away with the detachable legs in the included carrying bag.
FinalPress - Portable Coffee, Tea, and Cold Brew Maker - Zero Waste!
This ultra-portable coffee, tea, and cold brew maker is a miniature French press-style brewer that can actually fit in your pocket and produces zero waste.
VentaPak - Lightweight Backpack Ventilation Spacer
This lightweight backpack ventilation spacer increases airflow between your back and backpack to reduce heat and sweat and alleviate back and shoulder strain.

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AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
This giant portable canopy quickly inflates in only 2 minutes so up to 8 adults can get out of the sun at the beach, while camping, on a picnic, and more.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
This ingenious pop-up tent can be instantly pitched just by unfolding and tossing it to the spot you want it to be.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
This luxurious tree tent is actually a giant dome that hangs over 10 feet above the ground and is perfect for camping, relaxing, or just escaping.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
A nearly 30 foot wide inflatable Irish pub for your next backyard party that inflates in only five minutes.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
This summer, beat the heat and the swarms of flying inspect pests by seeking shelter inside this massive tent that pops up automatically in an instant when removed from its portable carry bag - no assembly required.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
Want to disappear for awhile and sneak in a quick nap, work on your laptop in private, stare at your phone in peace, or just take a sensory break from the world for a bit? Then slip into this cool new Privacy Pop Nap Tent.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
Combines a hammock and a tent for the ultimate in camping location versatility and bug free accommodations.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
These miniature camping tents are designed just for lucky, pampered cats who wish to rough it a bit while they snooze the day away, hideaway from the evil vacuum cleaner, or just plan another future surprise attack.
AeroBed Pakmat - Portable Airbed Stores Inside Pump
This ingenious temporary treehouse is basically a tent that vertically hangs from a sturdy tree branch - hammer and nails not required.

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