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MYZOO Spaceship Gamma - Wall-Mounted Cat Perch

MYZOO Spaceship Gamma - Wall-Mounted Cat Perch

MYZOO Spaceship Gamma - Wall-Mounted Cat Perch

There's nothing more hideous than traditional cat furniture scattered about a room, but this cool new MYZOO Spaceship Gamma will take your furry feline friend to new heights as a wall-mounted cat perch that can almost double as designer wall art. This unique, wooden cat perch has a huge acrylic bubble on the front side to give your cat an ideal viewing angle of the entire room to plan future attacks and can be wall-mounted to give them a secure feeling up and out of the way as they cat nap the day away. It's available in either walnut or oak with a right or left entrance hole and has four air holes to provide better circulation inside and to reduce the internal echo noise. It can also be used on the floor when turned on its side. Hmm, I'm kind of jealous. I want a human-sized one now to go hide in.

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  • Wooden wall-mounted cat perch
  • Transparent acrylic bubble provides a secure environment and gives the cat a much wider viewing angle
  • Four air holes on the body creates better air circulation inside and reduces the internal echo noise
  • Available in Walnut or Oak with either a right or left side opening
  • Weight limit: 33 lbs
  • Hole Size: 8.6" Diameter
  • Overall Size: 15.75" x 18.7"

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