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Elm Tree Bookshelf

Elm Tree Bookshelf

Elm Tree Bookshelf

It's not quite the tree of knowledge, but this cool new Elm Tree Bookshelf can hold plenty of literature amongst its branches. Handmade in the UK, this sculptural bookshelf is shaped like a majestic elm tree from the trunk at the base to a range of inclined and flat branches at various heights that hold all your favorite books. Each piece is made to order and available in a number of rustic finishes. Also available in other tree shapes as well, such as oak trees, poplar trees, and more.

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  • Full bodied from the ground up just as you would find with a large old Elm tree
  • Practical tree with shelf surfaces at all heights makes it ideal for just about any room of the house
  • Unique oak shelving unit has a segmented trunk and a range of inclined and flat branches
  • Finishes: Oiled Waney Edge, Oiled Square Edge, Oiled Bark Edge, Limed Waney Edge, Limed Square Edge, Dark Waney Edge, Dark Square Edge
  • Handmade to order in the UK
  • Size: 70" H x 47" W

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