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Burrito Blanket - Giant Tortilla Blanket

Burrito Blanket - Giant Tortilla Blanket

Burrito Blanket - Giant Tortilla Blanket

This cool new Burrito Blanket is a soft microfiber blanket that looks like a massive 5 foot diameter tortilla. While you're chilling on the sofa, watching flicks, and plowing through your fourth meal, you'll also get to be the tasty human filling for a huge and hopefully non-edible burrito, taco, quesadilla, tostada, enchilada, taquito, or whatever other Mexican food that is wrapped in a soft tortilla. Best of all, the "food" stays warm. Also available in baby size.

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  • 100% Soft and Plush Microfiber
  • Become a giant human burrito with the Burrito Blanket
  • Roll yourself up or with a friend
  • Printed on both side for yummy goodness
  • It’s giant! 5 feet diameter
  • Become a taco, quesadilla, tostada, enchilada, burrito, taquito or use your imagination
  • Great gag gift for kids, tweens, teens and college students
  • Fun at parties, the beach, picnics, camping or just lounging on the couch

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