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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher

Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher

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Like many, I enjoy feeding the neighborhood birds via a bird feeder or two. However, watching the various picky birds sort through the seeds by flinging the ones they don't like and leaving behind a huge pile of opened shells of the ones they do just creates a huge mess on the ground below. The solution is this cool new Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher from Songbird Essentials.

This handy mesh screen hangs down below a bird feeder to effectively catch up to 90% of spilled and tossed bird seed before it hits the ground, doubles as an extra feeding platform for ground feeding birds, helps prevent seed waste, and provides a waiting room of sorts to other birds in line to use the feeder. Best of all, there's much less chance of spilt bird seed that either grows or rots and damages the lawn below and it helps eliminate an easy food source for hungry rats, mice, and other unwanted vermin. It features a wind guard to protect fallen seed, adapts to virtually any feeder, and is constructed from lightweight but durable vinyl coated fiberglass mesh. Available in either 16, 24, or 30 inch sizes.

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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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Seed Hoop - Bird Feeder Seed Catcher
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