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Pet Pocket Bird Carrier

Pet Pocket Bird Carrier

Pet Pocket Bird Carrier

There are cat and dog carriers, but bird carriers? Well, now you can easily transport your bird to the vet or just for a neighborhood stroll with the PetPocket Bird Carrier. I know it's weird and kind of sad that you are taking a flying creature for a mere walk, but I think that getting your bird out of the cage and away from the little mirror, is good for their mental health.

This hands-free, vest-style bird carrier hangs over your shoulders and is constructed of durable mesh fabric that allows good airflow and visibility for your bird. It features a zippered opening on the top and bottom for easy access and includes a removable bottom tray to catch messes, a wood beveled perch and two toy hanging loops. It's not parrot-sized friendly, but is perfect for small and medium size birds like parakeets, canaries, finches lovebirds and more.

I guess a really long leash and a bird harness to let them fly around tethered wouldn't work... hmmm.

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  • Vest-style pet carrier keeps your bird close and hands free
  • Mesh fabric promotes airflow and visibility for added safety
  • Removable bottom tray, wood perch and more add convenience
  • For small and medium size birds, such as parakeets, conures, canaries, finches, budgies, and lovebirds

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