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Towel Spa - Bathroom Towel Warmer

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Towel Spa - Bathroom Towel Warmer

With the cool new Towel Spa - Bathroom Towel Warmer you can quickly warm up towels, blankets, mittens, hats, socks, robes and more in less than five minutes. Instead of going to a luxury spa to get that pampered, post-shower, warm towel experience, you can simply place your towel inside this compact, convenient and portable warmer, close the lid and press the button. It's a nice alternative to the expensive rail warmers or having to streak through the house shivering, wet and nude all the way to the clothes dryer. Great for nurseries too.


  • Thoroughly and evenly warms a towel in less than five minutes
  • Works with oversized towels, blankets, and robes
  • Portable, compact and fits conveniently on counters
  • Auto-shut off ensures safety
  • 40" x 70"

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