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Simplehuman Sensor Can

Simplehuman Sensor Can

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It's the 21st century and touching may be cool for computer screens, but for luxury trash cans, it's not. The cool new Simplehuman Sensor Can re-invents the simple trash can into a modern touch-free waste receptacle that automatically adapts to your tasks and syncs with your needs.

Unlike the typical automatic sensor trash cans on the market that accidentally open when you walk by, this sleek stainless steel trash can uses advanced Multi-Sense sensor technology to eliminate these false triggers and react properly to your intended behavior. In Ready Mode, it waits for you and opens the lid only when the trigger zone detects movement in a small, focused space directly above the lid. Once the lid is open, it enters Task Mode automatically. The sensor becomes even more sensitive and extends the trigger zone outward to detect additional activity, so it won't close before you're finished. If it detects more than 3 seconds of continued activity, it enters Stay-Open Mode and automatically opens the lid even wider and keeps it open for 30 seconds. So basically it knows the difference between wanting to throw something out quickly and scraping all your dishes after dinner and then acts accordingly.

Besides the high-tech multi-sense touch-free technology, it has plenty of other great features too. It has an auto-clutch system that instantly disengages the motor to prevent damage if it senses the lid is being shoved down and then seamlessly restores touch-free movement when its safe. It also uses a strong, internal, die-cast steel hinge that is built to last and lets you place the can right up against the wall, has a natural charcoal filter that is integrated into the lid to neutralize odors without harmful chemicals and, although you'll never need it, it's even fingerprint-proof!

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