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Breville Ikon Lift and Look Toaster - 4 Slice

Breville Ikon Lift and Look Toaster - 4 Slice

Breville Ikon Lift and Look Toaster - 4 Slice

I'm looking for a new toaster. I don't care how good the manufacturer says it is or how high the price says the quality is, I always burn my toast. I've had it with toasters, I suck at toasting bread I guess. Well, hold on, I just found an incredible new toaster that lets you monitor the toasting process and use your own judgement at to how close it is to be being toasted. Check out the new Breville Ikon Look-and-Lift Toaster. First of all, the design is pretty slick as far as toasters go, brushed stainless steel, clean lines and the blue LED all work for me. Second, it can handle plenty of toast, 4 slices, bagels or extra wide if you desire. Third, what is truly unique to this toaster, is that you can lift up the toast at any time while it is being toasted to see for yourself if it is on fire yet and adjust the browning without resetting. Trust me, some of those new fancy high-tech crazy AI computer toasters out there cannot cook bread at all (I currently have one), but this one can and it lets me have that super crucial second opinion! I'm getting this one.

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  • 4-slice electronic toaster
  • Brushed stainless steel design
  • Unique Lift and Look feature
  • Toast Ready sound alert
  • LCD display with toasting progress indicator
  • Extra-wide and deep self centering toasting slots
  • Bagel control setting
  • High lift lever
  • Reheat and defrost settings
  • Cancel button
  • Electronic browning control dial
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Tidy cord storage

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